Squash and Asparagus Elote Salad

Earlier this week I made tacos—remember the weeknight steak tacos? And as I was walking home from the grocery store, I had a thought (other than wanting to stab everyone in the face, because it was Monday and everything was not going my way): I neeeeeeeeeeeed elote salad, meow.

As upon my arrival at home, pleasantly greeted by Daniel and Mo, I opened the freezer to find that the corn that I thought I had wasn’t there. But you must be mad if you think that was going to stop me. I’m the queen at improvisation. I opened my veggie draw and found two things that stuck out: yellow squash and asparagus.

I was questioning whether or not this would turn out well, and it totally did! It satisfied my elote craving, and it was so incredibly easy to make. Let me share my squash and asparagus elote salad with you.

Squash and asparagus elote salad garnished with smoked paprika and cilantro.
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