Honey Lavender Cupcakes

Day 15. 

Only a few more days left of my baking adventure! Time is flying and Christmas is less than three days away. I can’t wait to open presents and eat all the good food with my family. Work has been awesome. Co-workers have been dropping off sweet treats all week (it’s only Tuesday), and I’m just shoving them in my gob. Happy belly, happy girl. Last night I got home from the gym, scarfed down a quick dinner and baked away. First I premade a dough for something I’m  baking tonight… and I tried out a new cupcake recipe! I recently bought dried lavender and wanted to try to play around with it.

They came out well. I’m not going to share the raspberry glaze recipe because they didn’t come out the way I liked, but I will once I perfect the recipe. I’m super happy about the cupcake though. They are soft, moist and crumbly… mmmm….

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American Open Round-Up

As some of you may know, I practice Olympic weightlifting for recreational purposes outside of my job and outside of being a food enthusiast. Back in October I qualified for the American Open Weightlifting Championships, and I competed in Reno, Nevada on December 4th alongside many, many talented and strong weightlifters.


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Adventures in SIN CITY!

12366528_10156256482120623_1412943127_nHAHA. “Sin City” is more like “NOM CITY!” I traveled there for a huge ophthalmology meeting back in November — The American Academy of Ophthalmology — it has a ring to it does it not? Now, I have never been to Vegas, and I never intended to go. I always thought of it as a really cheap place. It reminded me of Atlantic City, but boy, was I wrong! Aside from the crazies that roamed the Vegas strip, it was a beautiful, beautiful place filled with lights and tall buildings.

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