My name is Nhu, or you can call me Nhubbies. Welcome to my humble e-bode, it’s so nice of you to stop by. I assume you’re here because you want to know more about me. Well, first and foremost, let’s point out the obvious: I really, really love food—both experimenting with it and shoving it down my gob. I think there’s equal satisfaction there.


I live in the grand ole’ city of Philadelphia with my Daniel, and it’s the freaking best. I couldn’t ask to live in a better city—or neighborhood. The city offers so much culture and, of course, food, and I’m slowly eating my way through it. Born as a Vietnamese girl, some of my favorite foods are my pho, bun rieu, bun bo hue and banh xeo—all cooked by my dad, because he makes them the best.

But an interesting fact is that my favorite cuisine is Israeli, mainly influenced by my favorite chef, who happens to have incred spots in Philly, Michael Solomonov. He has a restaurant here called Zahav; it’s impossible to get into, but life-changing.

fullsizeoutput_153bHere’s the last tidbit about myself: MOMO. That’s my pupperino. He turned 11 this past March, but he is still ferocious and feisty as ever. Isn’t he cute? He has no teeth, but can still gum his way through a bone.

Thanks for your time! I look forward to sharing my food chronicles with those of you who are also always hungry. 


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