Brown Butter Blondies with Chocolate Chips

Day 10.

Weeeeeeee. Tonight was a fast baking night. I came home a little later than usual because I went out to dinner with a friend for her birthday. Details about the will come in another post.

I stopped by the grocery store (for the one millionth day in a row) on the way home. I was in dire need of buttah. I need to find those huge butter blocks like the ones in my favorite movie, Julie and Julia. But I can’t seem to find those anywhere. My favorite butter to bake/cook with is Kerrygold Irish butter. Even though it’s salted, it brings out the sweetness in baked goods and I love it, but when you’re baking 18 days in a row… ain’t no one got the money for Kerrygold in every recipe!


I baked two things tonight. First was something for the pups, and once I perfect that recipe, that will be a blog post. The second thing that I baked tonight was a recipe I’ve been longing to make for almost a year. It’s been sitting in my saved recipes in my Food52 account. As you may or may not know, I’m obsessed with Food52. I spent almost all my time on there. There are so many great recipes, and they very seldom disappoint… plus their shop is unreal! I’m currently awaiting a package from them as we speak. All I have to say is… grey swirl.

This recipe is SUPER easy to make. The difference between this and other blondie recipes is the brown butter. Brown butter is nutty and aromatic. It’s beautiful in baking and it only takes an extra step. You can check out the recipe here.



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