A Restful Week… end.

See that tealish cake? I made that 😀

Happy Monday, peoples! The past week has been a truly bad training week.. not sure why, but my body did not want to move. I tried snatching and cleaning a few times, but my body just wouldn’t take it. Last Monday, I could barely snatch 80lbs and on Saturday, I couldn’t hold 100lbs over my head. Shameful. In fact, during 2 different snatching times, I dropped the barbell on my tailbone and yes, there is a big bruise there now. My strength and endurance was weak, so I took 3 rest days throughout the week.. (that never happens -____-), and I only worked out once a day.. more shamefulness.

So I took advantage of the weekend and rested my body up and made sure I had lots of sleep and ate lots for recovery of course, but now that I think about it I probably could of chosen better things to eat. And today, I’m going to the Dunkin Donuts to grab me a breakfast sandwich.. with all that resting I didn’t have time to prep my meals for the week. Tonight, tonight! I have to get back on my grooove. I figure I can spoil myself once in a while (week long cheat day).. MUAHAHA!

“Hi, Momma’s!”

Tomorrow is also my friend’s birthday, in which we celebrated on Friday! So HAPPY BIRTHDAY! We went to Philly for a girl’s night, had Morrocan food and some delish ice cream. Again, I indulged — in a huge hot fudge brownie sundae… no shame there! But in all seriousness.. my training continues today.. as for my diet.. that starts tonight. It doesn’t help that Sam’s mom gave me and my family a big box of Asian pastries.. why are they so delicious. I have low-level of self-control when it comes to food. I’m a fat girl at heart! Hopefully my momma took them all to work. I can only hope.

Oh, and check this little cutie out! His breath smells putrid at the moment, but he’s such a dashing fellow! Let’s all hope he ate his dental treat that I gave him before I left for work.

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